Reliance Solutions

“At Reliance Solutions, each member interaction is addressed with a commitment to your association’s mission and a deeply held belief that individuals matter. We know how important good customer service is to an association’s success, and we are here to help.”

Cindy Wilson
Reliance Solutions

Notes of Appreciation


Reliance Solutions Team

Reliance Solutions is a woman-owned, small business with a long-tenured and highly experienced staff. Our team of professionals is trained to understand your association’s products and services, providing your members exceptional customer service and support. 

The Reliance Solutions Team consists of 18 full-time staff with an average tenure of 10 years, highlighting their commitment and ability to provide your members excellent service.   

Leadership and Key Staff 

Cindy Wilson, Principal, Member ASAE

Cindy Wilson has built Reliance Solutions from a call center with ten, part-time staff to a company with 18 full-time professionals that provides membership organizations with a complete suite of back-office services and support. Her range of experiences is extensive and touches all facets of managing a successful association. She has analyzed organizations’ operations and flow-of-transactions to implement improvements that ensure increased efficiency for her clients and more effective customer service for their members.

Cindy has held leadership positions in the customer service industry since the early 1990s. She has been asked to participate in numerous strategic planning meetings to design effective membership recruitment and retention plans. She has also planned and managed on-site conference registrations and book stores. Key to Reliance Solutions success is Cindy’s keen focus on database quality control and integrity and an unwavering belief that the most important job she and her staff can do is help clients build solid and lasting relationships with their members.


Karen Ong, Executive Assistant and Account Manager, Member ASAE

Karen Ong is responsible for managing Reliance Solutions’ daily accounting activities, human resources functions, and general corporate administrative processes. Her strengths include recruiting, training, and coordinating on-site conference support. Karen is taking the lead in Reliance Solutions’ new endeavor to provide call center support in-house for key clients. She was named executive assistant in 2003 and account manager in 2006.


Joyce Booth, Customer Service Manager

Joyce Booth has 22 years of experience in telecommunications and call center services. She is responsible for managing the Reliance Solutions’ staff answering calls for its major client. Joyce also trains staff to ensure professional, consistent, and accurate responses to member inquiries and requests.


Carole Sue Mayfield, Office Support Services/Account Manager

Carole Sue Mayfield is the primary customer-service contact for a client that has been with Reliance Solutions for more than ten years.  She also manages the mail and distribution services for all  Reliance's clients. She seeks ways to improve mail efficiency and decrease costs, tracks mail codes for budget and expense details, and monitors clients' retention schedules for the timely delivery of mail and parcels. Carole Sue also oversees relationships with vendors to ensure efficient office operations. 


Theresa Vincent, Database Support Specialist

Theresa Vincent has been a key member of the Reliance Solutions team for nine years. Her expertise is in database management and understanding the "behind the scenes" function of each transaction. Her focus on quality control and skills in financial batch reconciliation and meeting set-up and reports are invaluable to clients. Theresa also has extensive customer service experience, working for 26 years to support your members’ needs.